Our Calm Down Story...

Parenthood has presented a number of challenges for me but they all paled in comparison to the gauntlet that has been my third, and youngest, child.

With my first two, I did everything any parent would think to do to encourage calm in our home… reading stories or coaxing them into reading for themselves, turning off the loud tv shows and turning on the classical music… soft lighting, a nice bubble bath, warm milk and comfy pjs. Life was good and, for the most part, calm. Then came child #3. A special bundle of joy called Sobie. Sobie is creative and smart, sweet and kind… and LOUD and BOISTEROUS and CUNNING and INTO things. Like a little Tasmanian devil- our very own Destruct-O unit (with a face like an angel and a squeaky little voice).

As Sobie progressed in school, she was labeled hyperactive along with a few other lovely acronyms. Calm was not in her DNA and, as a result, the whole house lost its relationship with calm. As any parent would do, I started researching what I could do to help my child learn how to calm down. Were there products that could help? I was desperate for solutions but to my dismay, there wasn’t really one place I could go to find products geared toward helping my child calm down.

After hundreds of hours on Google jumping from special needs sites to mega-retailers and on to medical journals and parenting blogs, I was able to piece together ideas and products that were worth a shot and then went about ordering, waiting for and letting Sobie try them out. We are talking 2 years of product trials. During this time, my husband and I realized we needed help getting reacquainted with calm, ourselves. Years of stressful jobs, crying babies, rowdy kids, checkbooks and commuting had caused us to lose track of our own calm.

This is how Calm Down Corner came to be. We wanted to provide a site for adults and children looking for calming products. Whether your goal is to offset the stress of your workday by introducing calm products into your work-space or if you are a parent looking for calm options to introduce into a bedtime routine or school day- we are here to help!

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