31 inch Red Therapy Ball



  • Details

    Made from PVC. Fully inflated sizes:

    • Red-31″Diameter (79 cm)


Product Description

Active Bodies = Active Minds!

Need to wiggle and move to help focus? Go chairless! Therapy balls offer an active seating alternative for classrooms and clinics. Children can fidget and move at their desks without disrupting their peers. Sitting on a therapy ball engages core muscles and supports vestibular therapy. Sit on it, kick it, roll it or just have a ball!

  • Encourages proper seating posture while learning
  • Supports sensory seekers and children with ADHD
  • Made by Fun and Function
  • Age 3+

Ideas for Use

Inflate your therapy ball to the max to create a firm seat that challenges balance and engages core muscles. Under-inflate for a cushier seat that still encourages movement. Use for exercise, balance therapy, sensory therapy and just plain fun.

Getting Started

Sized for children and adults. To select the right size ball, measure from armpit to fingers. Choose the corresponding size or next size up. Balls hold up to 250 lbs. Inflates with pump. Add ball base for more stability. Both sold separately, see accessories. Use with adult supervision.


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